A Recommended Agenda For The Mayor of New Albany

  1. Make the financial status of government visible through the city website, both expense and revenue streams by departments.
  2. Initiate an Annual Financial Review by an independent CPA firm.
  3. Make all current projects visible through the city website, including costs, change orders, overruns & schedules.
  4. Make all proposed projects visible through the city website including costs & schedules when the project is proposed.
  5. Require The Board of Public Works and Safety and the New Albany Redevelopment Commission request funding from the City Council for all city projects, on a by project basis so all citizens are appropriately represented.
  6. Work with the Floyd County Government to meet shared responsibilities amicably and in a cost effective and timely manner.
  7. Create a Customer Service Department and mentality for all city departments so all citizens may be served better and cordially.
  8. Schedule personal meetings for the Mayor and all city employee groups when negotiating contracts and afford the employees the courtesy and respect everyone deserves.
  9. Operate New Albany as a successful business that answers to the stockholders (citizens) through openness, financial transparency and clarity with the goal of sharing the profit with citizens, not in dividends and interest, but in effective and efficient government and lower taxes.
  10. Operate the Mayor’s office with no cronyism and no agenda of repaying favors to ensure that the best vendors are selected for all city projects that are outsourced.
  11. Focus city decisions to be based upon answering the question “what is best for all of New Albany.